MEYD-741 Bored of the woman's husband having an affair with him


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I'm working part-time at a coffee shop. Riho is also an employee here, we often work shifts together. Before returning home, Riho always wanted to confide in me about family matters, and I always stayed a little longer to listen to her story. Riho's husband is always cold to her, does not eat at home, and always suspects that she is having an affair outside. The two have long stopped having sex. Thinking it would be the same as always, after listening, the two returned home. But not! Riho suddenly kissed me, sucked my tongue, put my hand on her chest, and Riho even let me fuck her bareback and squirt into her pussy!!! And our secret relationship started from there, even when Riho's husband came to the shop to supervise, Riho still secretly sucked my cock right in front of her husband. No matter how much time passes, this place will not change, we maintain this wrong relationship every day...
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